MCS School of Computing


MCS | School of Computing has the perfect background to build up technological expertise and innovation, which provides world-class training and education in Computing, Information Technology.

Who we are

MCS | School of Computing, One of the Professional course providers in Sri Lanka. We are currently offering a variety of Professional courses for Information Technology & Accounting professional Exams for a large student base. Offers unmatched opportunities in IT education in Sri Lanka.

Our Vision

To Create a Knowledge Society.

Our Mission

To be the Best Accounting & Information Technology Professional Course Provider in Sri Lanka.

Our Course Providers

Develop the skills of our students, identify, nurture, and recruit high-quality talent, deliver exceptional community service, and acquire a highly motivated workforce

MCS Advantages and Specialties


Professional qualifications that are recognized and acknowledged worldwide, courses that relate to a specific occupation or career.

Modern best practices

Focuses not only on core concepts and software design structures but also on flexibility and critical thinking.

Teaching through online

Students and lecturers’ learning collaborations are formed, and Lectures’ online facilitation is integrated with Web links and other academic resources.

Fees and costs

Due to the fact that all lectures and study programs are conducted online, all traditional fees and costs are eliminated in addition to the reasonable prices.